Intrigue + Determination + Persistence = Growth

Hello Everyone fall greetings to one and all. The leaves are quickly changing color from greens to glorious autumnal magical mixes of golds, coppers, an array of amber's, oranges w mixed yellows.. this organically epic, albeit an intrinsically all around me has absolutely inspired some similar colored wearable sacred pieces of living art.. much fun is still being had by coming across a new pattern one hadn't thought of before now. new designs & colorways with some new spiff

I'm Inspired: Again

My creativity seems to be a river which has several streams that take me on assorted & colorful adventures, some distractions, others highly productive, all teach me something or other. Inspiration seems to ebb and flow too like seasons. It seems to come and go as it will and at times it seems like it takes a very long time to come back around! A friend came to visit who'd been traveling in India. India is a massive country in which the train rides are typically days long.