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Colors & Color Therapy

The ultimate reality is that we are all one. All things are expressions of infinite energy. This means, while you may perceive yourself as different to something, at the deepest level you are not different to it at all. All things in the universe are connected to you and are influencing you and effecting you. This could be beneficial or detrimental.

Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates. Energy that vibrates imparts or impacts information. The amplitude and frequency of energy is what determines how (in what form) that energy will express itself. We call this a "vibration".

The first physical manifestation of vibration is light. It is the first thing that contains both particles and waves. Light is like the bridge between spirit and physicality. And color is really all about light.

The way light is reflected or emitted by something, determines what color something is. Obviously if two things have a different vibration, light is going to interact with those two things differently, so you will perceive them to be a different color.

This is why people have different aura colors. It's also why chakras have different energies. In this world, entrainment is the universal law of harmony. Simply put it is the principle that “any two vibrating bodies will entrain if exposed to each other for long enough."

This has serious implication in a world where everything in existence is energy vibrating. This is why for example, married couples begin to look alike after years together. Things that are exposed to one another synchronize.

This principal works for everything. It's the foundation of the concept of homeopathy and sound therapy. But what does this mean for colors?

It means that by focusing on colors, wearing them and having them around you, they will cause your energy to "entrain" with and "resonate" at the same frequency and amplitude of the vibration of that color.

Color therapy, which is also known as Chromo Therapy or light therapy is not new age hooey. It is a very credible therapy. In today’s world, it is still considered an alternative healing modality.

Essentially, color therapy uses light and color to influence and affect a person’s physical, emotional or mental health. It is a serious therapy that many study for years to fully understand and perfect.

The thing we have to understand about light and therefore color is that is doesn’t only enter through our eyes. It permeates through our energy field and also through our skin. So even if you are completely blind, colors are still influencing you. It’s just that taking color in through the eyes has great impact on the brain.

Association is a powerful thing. These associations contribute to our consciousness. We begin the process of associating color with things from the moment we perceive color.

For example, if we grow up in a society that says “pink is for girls” we will associate pink with girls. If we spend time in a white room in a hospital, feeling the terrible isolation and powerlessness inherent in that situation. We will associate the feeling of isolation and powerlessness with the color white.

We can build up strong preferences and aversions towards certain colors in this way. This is why a political candidate has a team of people who select what color shirt they should wear to what occasion. It is important to take associations into account because associations are different to the actual inherent frequency that a color holds, it’s associated properties and the influence it would have on a being that did not have those biases.

That being said, noting strong color preferences or aversions is a window both into people’s association as well as the problems and strengths a person may have energetically, emotionally, mentally or physically.

For example, a strong preference for the color blue could mean that a person is naturally anxious or stressed and really needs calming. It could also mean that they are introspective and desire to understand others. It could also mean that they are struggling with inflammation disorders.

Here's some further insights into a few colors:


There is a reason that Black and White are the colors that vibrate the closest to the vibration of Source itself. This is because both white and black are about all colors unanimously. One reflects all and absorbs none.

Black absorbs all and reflects none. When light strikes a white crayon or a white board, it appears white to us because it absorbs no color and reflects all color equally. For this reason, it is the color of purity and peace. It has been used for thousands of years to break curses and for divine healing or this reason.

This is also why it's the color most associated with the angelic realm. It's the vibration of pure consciousness. It brings to your life purity, justice, perfection, faith, innocence, nothingness, divinity, harmony, neutrality, peace, truth, inspiration and clarity.


A black crayon or marker absorbs all colors equally and reflects no color, so it looks black to us. While most of us consider black a color, it isn’t actually. Black is the absence of all color. It is the color of potential energy and of oneness.

It's been used for thousands of years in conjunction with the esoteric and the occult. It brings to your life origin energy, perspective, protection, respect, solidness, seriousness, integrity, mystery, power.


Red brings stimulation, determination, survival, leadership, ambition, motivation, desire, anger, surety, warmth, blood flow, adrenaline, strength, movement, vigor, goals, sensuality, sexuality, passion, progress, courage, bravery, metabolism, independence, potency, competition, revolution, a solid sense of self.


Orange brings freedom, success, encouragement, willpower, triumph, creativity, enthusiasm, fascination, fertility, increased oxygen uptake, new possibilities, trigger, vitality, action, momentum, endurance, expression, respiration, digestion, intensity, invigoration, luck, achievement, investment, dynamic, indulgence and et's not forget, fun!


Yellow brings joy, cheer, lightness, intellect, optimism, stimulation for nervous system, zest for like, awareness, attention, curiosity, flexibility, affirmation, lightheartedness, freshness and newness, socializing, wonder, awe, aliveness, spontaneity and promotes a healthy physicality.


Green is a healing color. It heals by virtue of rejuvenating. It also both sooths and invigorates. Green brings rejuvenation, generosity, reliability, dependability, restoration, sympathy, healing, safety, harmonizing, recovering, nature, wellbeing, judgment, authenticity, honesty, growth, basic, understanding, hope, prosperity, balance, observation, home, nurturing, comfort, and connection. Cellular regeneration. Healthy mind.


Blue is also a healing color. It heals by virtue of soothing. It brings soothing, cooling, decreases inflammation, quiet, reliability calming, relaxation, sharing, tranquility, rest, gentle but powerful speech, patience, purpose, expertise, integrity, depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, truth, sharing of wisdom and truth, seeing things with more clarity.


Purple is a healing color, but it heals by virtue of transformation. It is both stabilizing and motivating. Purple brings supernatural, transformation, elegance, guidance, decadence, insight, the possession of wisdom, nobility, spirituality, inner knowing, absence of opposition, dignity,


Pink brings softness, compassion, gratitude, affection, caring, tenderness, friendship, gentleness, getting along, youthfulness, kindness, romance, emotional nurturing.


Brown brings the energy of the earth, grounding, rationality, stability, discernment, conservation, decisiveness, support, belonging, frugality, comfort, community, responsibility, practicality, simplicity and family.


Grey forces disarmament and non attachment. It's a deactivator. Grey brings indifference, self control, stalemate, control, conservativeness, neutrality, compromise, transition, lack of movement, reservation, fixedness, tact, moderation, composure, refinement.


Silver brings feminine power. It is both giving and receiving. It invites the energy of the moon. Silver aids psychic abilities, intuition, prosperity, sensitivity, healthy cycles, divine receptivity, magic and healthy emotion.


Gold brings masculine power. It invites the energy of the sun. It brings authority, empire, self confidence, wealth, overcoming, prestige, illumination, winning, luxury of abundance, the power of aliveness, healthy ego. Every color influences your mind, emotions and body. Every ailment has an associated color and every cure also has an associated color. But you don’t have to take it from me or from anyone else. Look inside yourself. Pay attention to how each color makes you feel. Then question how it makes you feel. What does your preference for a color or aversion to a color tell you about yourself?

Knowing this, you can choose to focus on, wear or surround yourself with whatever color you feel you need the influence of at any given time. Pick what makes you feel good, how could you go wrong!?

For more information on color check out The House Of Aurora. There's an entire section devoted to color and it's benefits and complexities.

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