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I'm Inspired: Again

My creativity seems to be a river which has several streams that take me on assorted & colorful adventures, some distractions, others highly productive, all teach me something or other.

Inspiration seems to ebb and flow too like seasons. It seems to come and go as it will and at times it seems like it takes a very long time to come back around!

A friend came to visit who'd been traveling in India. India is a massive country in which the train rides are typically days long. My friend made macrame bracelets on those long journeys. She taught me the basics of a macrame bracelet on her visit and I had endless fun creating them in different colors and gemstones. These pieces can be seen & are for sale at TheHouseOfAurora

It's not that I got bored with the bracelets I was designing& making. They are still really popular in yoga shops, craft fairs and gift shows and have recently been sighted at Wimbledon in England and on BRAVO TV too! I'm posting the photo's from those Celeb's later on. My Hollywood past helps!

Recently I've been wanting to create something different using the beautiful leather I've recently sourced in Greece! Something a bit more elegant, dare I say 'Rustic Regal' even, (that's my coin phrase for a British spin on 'Shabby Chic'...u heard it here first!) I needed to learn some more intricate weaving techniques for these new works of wearable art! But what would they look like? And so in answer to those and other questions I started to wade down the stream of learning new things...again.

So Ladies and Gent's, these are the first of what I've designed and created so far in this new Rustic Regal line. Rather exciting, no fuss multi wrap leather bracelets! Two lengths: Three Wrap & Six Wrap.

I'm posting some pictures here first and will then add them for sale on the website! I'm showing the colors I've gathered so far for all the custom orders which are already coming in and I haven't even officially launched these wonders yet!

My energy is high. The atmosphere is set. The threads and gemstones are ready! I'll keep making ones that tickle my fancy and post for sale but I'm more than willing to create some custom pieces for you darlings too!

Until next time my lovlies....Your Dovima.

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