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Intrigue + Determination + Persistence = Growth

Tree Wrap Custom Leather Bracelet

Hello Everyone

fall greetings to one and all.

The leaves are quickly changing color from greens to glorious autumnal magical mixes of golds, coppers, an array of amber's, oranges w mixed yellows.. this organically epic, albeit an intrinsically all around me has absolutely inspired some similar colored wearable sacred pieces of living art..

much fun is still being had by coming across a new pattern one hadn't thought of before now. new designs & colorways with some new spiffy beads! take a peek!

Dragon's Vein Agate w/

Jade Beads &

Swarovski Crystals

I can't get enough of these pretty scale beads & have indulged in many of the colors available.

Check the website to see some examples of them in action!

Who can refuse opals & pearls? Not me!

Pearls & Opals Along w/Other Beautues!

New Bead Arrivals

Whilst creating these individual pieces I infuse each with positive energy sending the Highest & Best possible intentions to each client, blessing them & their family. These products have integrity.

a little history:

The House Of Aurora & The Dovima

I used to live in the Hollywood Hills, 90027 working as a Voice Actress & set Designer with access to the most incredible bead market in downtown LA which provided the foundation of my collection, before the advent of online shopping.

While on set one day, I watched a lady making a simple bead necklace in-between takes.

I brought some beads with me to set the next day & caught the bug! A new hobby was born. I'd practice techniques & made a multiple wrap wire bracelet with different Gemstones and beads which was really cool to wear and seemed to be a hit receiving many compliments.

in my spare time I'd make as many wire wrap bracelets as I had beads & funds for & wearing them when I went out.

People i didn't even know commented on how much they liked them & where could they buy them.

inexpensive business cards in hand and bracelets in a box i determined myself to sell them in any office building court yard that would let me. during lunch hour times.

Success kissed my efforts which further fueled my inspiration & persistence to make a proper go of it.

Using the profit from sales I started buying more expensive beads such as gemstone beads, pearls, crystals & finer stringing materials. but still didn't know what I would do with them all..

sometime in the future I knew a light bulb would go off and all would make sense! I kept adding to my collection.

jewelry making for me began creating simple macrame bracelets with gemstones & waxed linen,

Friends loved them, family told me I was wasting my time.

often suggested that I sell them so i knew it was The Universe trying to tell me something! SO glad I listened!

intrigued with the possibility of making some extra money while making people happy ticked all the box's and so I persisted in putting a company into place. And that company is The House Of Aurora.

Macrame Adjustable Bracelet

gathering up the fifty or so bracelets I'd made, like the one on the left here, i headed off to a local gift fair offering my wares for sale there but, this time in Minneapolis, MN, not LA.

Would people like my work here? Sure hoped so.

i sat Fingers crossed as the attendees trickled in but my fingers, to my great surprise, weren't crossed for very long. The unbelievable happened.

I was sharing a booth with a friend who made earrings. almost immediately, we started to attract some customers. a crowd grew quickly in front of our table.

One sale led seemingly to another without much effort to another sale & another & another, until everything we'd brought with us that day was completely gone in just a few short hours.

we were utterly delighted with the fantastic support from the delightful locals. i believe the value of a hand made, home made small batch and custom product holds still holds fair value here in the mid West.

this support set me along a path of learning new techniques, weaving, laddering, different stringing materials all which add sophistication to these exquisite Custom Leather Wrap Bracelets.

To wrap this up, pardon the pun:

Intrigue + Determination + Persistence does = growth

its so very true, whatever you set your mind to you really can achieve if you don't quit & do at least one thing to advance your company every single day!

namaste all you wonderful people out there!

The Dovima

Six Wrap Custom Leather Beacelet

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