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The Giving Tree

Giving takes on many forms for different people, completely unique to the giver.

For some, it's a last minute dash on the night before. While others plan their gifts for months.

There are those who'll make their presents by hand and some will buy presents all year round storing them up.

No matter how large or small, rushed or thought out, a gift it a gift & gifts are great!

The shape of an evergreen tree reminds me of what happens when we give. The blessing is passed on, paid forward, inspiring others to give thus creating an unlimited triangle of love. The Giving Tree is magical & powerful.

Here are recent creations including Leather Wrap Bracelets, Anklets & Silver Charms. Check them out on the website!

I'd love to create a Custom Leather Wrap Bracelet for you or someone you know! Just select any charms you would like and thread colors.

If you can think of anyone who would enjoy these treasures of wearable art, kindly forward this on! I'm most grateful.

May Your Holliday's Be Bright & Filled with Love.

Ankle Bracelet: $25

Three Wrap Leather Bracelet: $55

Five Wrap Leather Bracelet: $115

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