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Are You Stoned?

Let's have a practical chat about crystals & gemstones, their properties, some of their uses & how to harness their natural powers to bring multiple benefits to our lives.

Ancient cultures regularly turned to specific crystals & gemstones for assistance with many issues as in navigation, love, clarity & wisdom.

Over the centuries this practice & trust in nature has all but eroded from our everyday lives. But those times are coming to an end.

Many have been mocked for turning to these natural power houses for alternative healing or for aspiring goals & attaining higher levels of spirituality.

People embrace their Birthstone, why not embrace other stones as well?

Below I've grouped Gemstones into specific categories for you to create your own portals into what you're trying to achieve.

What do I need to do?

Always select gems that resonate with you. Something will set a particular piece apart from the others.

Keep them regularly cleansed & charged. Leave in the light of a full moon overnight or in sunlight for a few hours.

Another method for keeping them cleansed of unwanted energy is to burn some sage moving your crystals through the sage smoke.

I've put some specific groupings together, along with basic information about each stones all meant to encourage your own exploration, research & practice.

Some like to place these powerhouses in a special bowl while others will arrange into a circle placing a candle in the center. Whatever you are led to do with your crystals & stones will produce the best result. Listen to your inner voice.


The combination of these stones will help you become more in tune with your mind, allow for a deeper understanding while aiding with faster information processing.


Clockwise from top right.

JADE: Symbol of Wisdom gleaned in tranquility.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Clears a path to Self Insight.

LAPIS LAZULI: The stone of Truth & Awareness.

AMETHYST: Promotes Spirituality & Wisdom.

TURQUOISE: Incites Self Honesty.


This powerful combination helps aide in soothing worry & fear, leaving your anxieties in the past.


Clockwise from the bottom right.

AMAZONITE: Reduces Emotional Imbalance & Anxiety.

HEMATITE: This stone harmonizes the mind reducing anxiety through it's natural properties. It is a protective stone redirecting negative energies.

CITRINE: Known to sooth fear allowing for joy.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Can calm an overactive mind bringing patience.

AMETHYST: Relieves stress, brings calm & contentment.


Harness the strength of this combination of gem stones if you want to change your financial energy of attraction.

Prosperity Mix

Clockwise from the bottom left.

TIGER EYE: Helps achieve goals while promoting clarity.

GARNET: This is the Stone of Success, Wealth & Abundance.

CARNELIAN: Encourages positive life choices.

CITRINE: Brings success, optimism & a positive attitude.

AVENTURINE: Known to amplify leadership qualities.

Anti-anxiety mix

These truly powerful stones block negative energy promoting a sense of peace, wellness & cheerfulness which may be felt immediately.


Clockwise from the top.

LEPIDOLITE: Decreases anxiety & depression disorders, PTSD & panic attacks bringing hope.

LAPIS LAZULI: Stimulates personal & spiritual power.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Eases stress. Imparts positive attitude.

ROSE QUARTZ: Loving gentle energy supporting self worth & self forgiveness.

CARNELIAN: Encourages a love of life itself. Assists with depression.


This wonderful combination can alleviate chronic pain bringing real relief without pain medication, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS or any other severe pain.

Anti-clockwise from bottom right.

BLOODSTONE: Reduces Arthritis joint pain & muscle cramping.

FLUORITE: Excellent protective properties.

SODALITE: Effective for back pain & fibromyalgia.

UNAKITE: Brings protection, pain relief & promotes healing.

OBSIDIAN: Known to reduce inflammation, arthritis & rheumatism.


This combination is excellent for both mental & physical exhaustion.These stones provide motivation, improve focus & promote general well being.

Energy Mix

Middle top to bottom right, then left, up & far right.

HAEMATITE: Inspires courage, protection, aides willpower.

AMETHYST: Motivation & focus.

ONYX: Promotes personal strength, vigor & stamina.

TIGER EYE: Stone of Self Discipline.

CITRINE: Enhances mental clarity. Lifts the mood.


Courage Mix

AQUAMARINE: The Stone of Confidence.

JASPER: The Warrior's Stone. Brings loyalty & assertiveness.

AGATE: Provides exceptional courage.

BLOODSTONE: Increases strength, courage & protection.

HAEMATITE: Vitality & focus.

Lucky Mix

This is a popular favorite due to it's unpredictable benefits. Many have reported extraordinary events as a result of putting this lucky combination together.

Lucky Mix

From top center, left, far top right, bottom right, lower left.

PYRITE: The ultimate stone of luck.

TIGER'S EYE: Channels good luck dispelling negative energy. RED JASPER: Fosters good luck. CITRINE: Considered a stone of great luck, repels negativity. GREEN AVENTURINE: Brings luck, protection & abundance.


This is the perfect combination if you are looking to reach new levels of mental clarity while meditating.

These stones allow for deep meaningful meditation, aide connection with higher beings, improved focus, enhances intuition & supports well being.

Meditation Mix

AMETHYST: Helps open the spiritual center.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Clears the way for deep meditation.

LAPIS LAZULI: Helps one enter into meditation more easily.

TURQUOISE: Protection, enhances intuition, guidance.

APATITE: Deepens & maintains focus during meditation.

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