Each One of These Macrame Gemstone Therapy Bracelets is Custom Designed, Individually Hand Knotted, Adjustable, Waterproof & Fade Resistant. 

The combination of Gemstone Therapy, Color Therapy & Aromatherapy combine into one Power Packed Healing Tool.

These unique Therapy Bracelets may be used in Prayer, Aide Focus, Meditation &/or as Worry Beads to Calm Anxiety, Help Prevent Panic Attack Flares, Protection, Luck, Health, Love, Guidance, Stress Release, Connect w/Higher Self.  


Wear because you love them & let the bracelets do the rest! Many choose to wear more than one bracelet at a time.


Blue is the color of the sky & sea, often associated with depth & stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith & truth. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind & body producing a calming effect.


Throat Chakra (Blue energy - Aqua & Azure Crackle Quartz): The focus of communication &  action. Imbalance in the Throat Chakra may manifest as shyness & an inability to make yourself heard, or as boisterousness with a tendency to talk when you should listen.   Balance here allows easy communication & is helpful for public speaking.

Blue Fire Agate Therapy Bracelet