Each One of These Macrame Gemstone Therapy Bracelets is Custom Designed, Individually Hand Knotted, Adjustable, Waterproof & Fade Resistant. 

The combination of Gemstone Therapy, Color Therapy & Aromatherapy combine into one Power Packed Healing Tool.

These unique Therapy Bracelets may be used in Prayer, Aide Focus, Meditation &/or as Worry Beads to Calm Anxiety, Help Prevent Panic Attack Flares, Protection, Luck, Health, Love, Guidance, Stress Release, Connect w/Higher Self.  


Wear because you love them & let the bracelets do the rest! Many choose to wear more than one bracelet at a time.


Dragon Jasper has the special qualities of empowerment. They possess both the cunning, creative way of getting around situations as well as, the approach to healing on a level that is bold and fiery. They relate the emotions of strength, courage and leadership.


Lava Stone is an igneous volcanic rock which may be used as a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth.  May be used as an atomizer with essential oils. 

Lava is also believed to provide strength, bolster inner courage, allows stability to take root through times of change as well as filter out any negative energy one might be holding on to.


Labradorite is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, self-discovery, intuition & psychic abilities. Labradorite is also the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura strengthening natural energies from within.


If you're drawn to the Hematite crystal it could be a sign that you're in need of grounding & balancing in your life.  As soon as the Hematite crystal stone touches the skin, you'll feel more centered & calm with it’s intense but subtle vibrations.

Druzy crystal is a configuration of many tiny sparkling crystals on the surface of a bulky crystalline body. For example, Druzy Quartz can grow over agate or any other colored matrix.



Dragon Jasper Therapy Bracelet w/Druzy, Lava Rock, Hematite & Labradorite.