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Welcome to The House Of Aurora.                                 


I'm The Dovima, an International Healer & Seer who creates Unique, Hand Crafted Products of Fine Quality which Harness the Mystical Powers of Nature just for you.


The Ready-Made & Bespoke Leather Wrap Bracelets, Necklaces & Anklets are made with Organic & Natural Materials like Precious & Semi-Precious Gems, Crystals, Agates, Gemstoes & Lava, Shells & Metals to mention a few.


These elements are combined into one of a kind designs which help protect you from harmful EMF Radiation, ensuring that you'll have beneficial & effective protection from the dangers of cell phones, computers, tablets, MRI's known to cause cancer, brain tumors, migraines, memory fog and many other medical issues.


Each piece will help enrich & protect your mind, body & spirit through the natural & intrinsically powerful properties of gemstones, crystals & color therapies helping you maintain balance in all areas of your life.


Ancient civilizations used these highly regarded gemstones, crystals & metals for navigation, tinctures & healing in their every day lives.  Somewhere along the way, these old world traditions were put aside even though they had worked well for thousands of years.


For example, Amber was replaced by plastic for baby's teething rings. 


For a more in depth look into information on EMF radiation and how it' can be avoided I suggest reading my Blog "Got EMF?" right here on this website.


The House Of Aurora showcases many different kinds of gemstones structured to resonate with the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional condition to alleviate bothersome symptoms, protect you from radiation filling you & your aura with positive energy.  You will feel the beneficial effects.


Wearing one or more gemstone therapy bracelets around your wrists is one of the most effective & beneficial way to circulate the gemstone's frequencies, vibrations & energies throughout your body.


Check out the two New Spa Products, Excelsus Body Paste & Aurora Diamond Mist! 


These two incredible items offer supreme Organic Anti EMF Protection. 


Our skin is the largest organ we have so it's vital to ensure we cleanse all Radiation from our skin as well as preventing it from affecting us in the first place with the use of my Anti EMF jewellery.




The Dovima



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